Treasures from the Crypt…

Yesterday was a momentous day for the Twisted Libra. I was finally able to launch my website, which is a goal I have had for quite some time. I will post the link down below, so be sure to go visit my cemetery and take the tour! I also dug deep into the crypt and found some old notebooks full of my early writings. These ranged from the ages of about six to somewhere around twenty-seven. Some of it was absolute crap, but some of it wasn’t half bad. A few lines here and there actually caught me off guard with how well they were written. It’s interesting to sit and trace moments of your life, memories, and growth as a writer through your actual old scribblings. I found things I remembered in great detail, and others I had long since forgotten.

A few of the old notebooks I found.

The discovery of old ideas, coupled with the birth of the new Twisted Libra home, has put me into a most contemplative mood. What do I truly want to say to the world? Does anyone even care to listen? Throughout my life, I have written with wonder, humor, morosity, and several other mindsets. I have written to merely entertain, and I have written for pure catharsis. I hope to find a way to combine everything I am as a writer and create something that can be both entertaining and profound. I have a new platform with which to reach people. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am looking forward to filling my cemetery with new creatures, stories, and poems for you all.

Before I go, here is the link to the new Twisted Libra site. It isn’t much, but it is something I am proud to share. Come inside and take the tour…if you dare…

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