“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams…”

October has finally arrived! It is a truly happy occasion within these cemetery walls! The souls are restless, the tombs are atremble, and the creatures of the night are ready to come out and play. The countdown to Halloween has begun, my lovelies!

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One thing I love about October is the name of its full moon. Though it goes by several names, most commonly the Harvest Moon, the one most dear to me is the Algonquin moniker of Blood Moon. It just sounds so damn creepy. I also love this full moon in particular because there just so happened to be one on the day I was born. What? Yes! Yours truly came into this world under a Blood Moon. Let’s face it, I was just destined to be creepy.

Bat.Gif | Halloween artwork, Purple halloween, Purple aesthetic

This year, being the eternal anomaly it is, will be giving us not one but TWO full moons this month! We get the Blood Moon tonight, October 1st, and the Hunter’s Moon on our beloved Halloween! So we open the greatest month of the year with a full moon, and we close it with one on the spookiest night of all! This is just too awesome! We are all smiles in the graveyard tonight! Well, those of us with teeth, anyways. (Hey, things rot. Smiles fade. Creepy is forever, though.)

Mary Shaw by UppGr4de on DeviantArt

So grab your chalice! Fill it with your chosen poison, be it wine or blood or what have you. Let’s raise a toast (and a few corpses) to the most magickal, sinister, wicked month of all, OCTOBER!!!

Best Movie Macabre GIFs | Gfycat

And remember, Halloween is not just one day; it is a lifestyle. Embrace it. Step out of the shadows and show the world your dark side. (Or you can come play in the shadows. We like to do that around here.) Happy October, my lovelies!

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