Something different…

Most of my posts lately have been about my upcoming book or about Halloween. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but this morning the muse struck while I was out walking my beloved animal companion and I wrote something new. It has nothing to do with a cemetery, or death, or anything truly spooky.

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Relax. It isn’t the end of days. I just wanted to write something about what was in my heart this morning. I hope you all enjoy it. This won’t make it into the story books, but maybe someday I will release a collection of my non-creepy poems or something. We shall see.

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So, without further ado…

The clouds hang heavy in the sky,

Grey and thick with rain.

Puddles become tiny mirrors along the path.

The tranquility of their stillness is such that,

I side-step them all, refusing chaos.

A soft breeze swirls around my face,

Carrying a gossamer mist.

Everything smells musty and damp,

But in a way which makes me smile.

For these dreary days are my favorite.

As I venture further down the path,

I begin to feel whole once again.

Nature is surrounding me,

With signs that I belong here.

Clouds and rain and gentle breezes;

These are things that heal my heart.

I am wrapped in the quiet poetry of the natural world,

As it sings a song only I can hear.

©2020 by Kelly Michelle

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