Waxing poetic…

Just a little something I cooked up this morning…enjoy!

When You're Just Really Bad at Cooking | 25 Times Morticia Addams Spoke to  Your Creepy and Kooky Soul | POPSUGAR Entertainment Photo 14

Darkness has a scent.

Closing my eyes

I breathe it in deeply

And long to be set free.

I want to slip away

Away into the night sky

Drifting among the tombstones

And cemetery trees.

Oh! To dance

Upon my own grave.

Oh! To see those

Who stop by to mourn!

Do not adorn me

With colorful blossoms.

Leave only bouquets

Of dead roses and thorns.

My soul has become one

With the glorious night!

Freed from the false

That only now speak so kind.

Embraced by the moonlight

By demons, by devils.

Shrouded in the mist

Of sweet Death divine.

©2020 by Kelly Michelle

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