The muse came to visit…

Sometimes, little spooky poems just happen. And sometimes, they take two days, a glass of wine, and several rewrites. Such is the nature of the beast. Enjoy!

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A darkened, mouldy chamber,

Where sorrow drips down the walls,

And disembodied voices,

Echo softly through the halls.

Corpses lie just out of sight,

Each marked with a marble plaque,

The remains of those who journeyed on,

Never to come back.

Petals wither from rotting bouquets,

Leaving only the biting thorns,

Everything here has been touched by decay,

Long forgotten by those who have mourned.

A damp and decomposing scent,

Hangs thickly in the air,

I feel a touch upon my skin,

But turn and find no one there.

The whispers are growing louder now,

As I lay my flowers down,

I make a hasty exit,

From this tomb beneath the ground.

Loose stones on the stairway,

Nearly cause my death,

I stumble onto the sunlit grass,

And try to catch my breath.

It must be my imagination,

There was no one down there but me,

But then a faint whisper upon the wind,

Says, “Come back down and see.”

©2020 by Kelly Michelle

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