Something a little lighter…

I don’t have much to say today. Nothing profound, at least. However, I did write something a while back that I felt like sharing here today. Enjoy!

I open my eyes in the darkness, yet somehow I am able to see.
Although I lie on a satin cushion, wood rests around and in front of me.
A momentary panic consumes me as I realize the air is no more.
It quickly subsides when it dawns on me that I no longer breathe as before.
With my cold hands against the wood, I push with all my might.
Hinges creak as the casket lid lifts, and I arise into the night.
I step into the shadows, and take a look around the silent room.
It seems I have been resting alone, within a dank and darkened tomb.
Cautiously, I begin to ascend a set of crumbling marble stairs.
Exiting my mysterious sepulcher, I feel the embrace of the cool night air.
With awareness of the sounds of creatures that previously caused me fright,
My ears hear for the very first time the lovely symphony of the night.
Curiosity and craving draw me forth among the moonlit crypts.
I am now driven by the desire for a sanguine wine upon my lips.

©2020 by Kelly Michelle

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