No, this isn’t some zombie-Jesus, Easter holiday type thing. Ladies, gentlemen, vagrants, and vagabonds…your Twisted Libra has returned!

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE. | Necroposting | Know Your Meme

Forgive the prolonged absence. That pesky thing we call real life sometimes gets in the way. Since my last post, I have had quite the busy personal and professional schedule. This prevented me from haunting the cemetery and having spooky ideas occupy my mind. However, the fire of the muse burns eternal; this morning I felt the pull of the graveyard and was gladly consumed! While I did truly miss this place while I was away, the short sabbatical was not without some merit. It caused me to once again take stock of the things I desire most in my life. My happy place is among the remains. These past few weeks, I really just sat up and took notice.

GIFS7: obscurus lupa - subspecies 2 - rise from the grave GIF

My heart loves the spooky because I am the spooky. Going through the day-to-day stuff without some type of creeptivity (still trying to make this happen) makes me uncomfortable. I need scary stories, dark poems, black everything, and general macabre influence in my little world. I’m one of the weird kids. Always will be. Just a shmexy little weirdo.

Macabre GIF - Find on GIFER

I am so glad you are all still here. I promise to be more attentive here within these cemetery walls. Thank you for reading this, and for subscribing to my blog. (wait, you don’t subscribe? tf is wrong with you? go sign up. jeeze…) My wicked mind is once again brimming with darkness and decay. Sit back and enjoy, the Twisted Libra Cemetery gates are swinging wide open. Here I come!

Scary GIFs | 29 Creepy GIFs That Will Terrify You

As always, if you enjoyed what you just read, or if you want to see some of my other creations, check out the interactive map of the Twisted Libra Cemetery! There is something there for every twisted soul!

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