Cue the carnival music…

I was looking through my previous work and found this. I love this one. It was in my 2nd book, Craving the Darkness (no longer in print). Felt like sharing again. Enjoy.

Steal me away from this place,

And take me to the land of darkened dreams,

Where we can frolic among the graves,

Waking the dead from their slumber.

The cool night breeze,

Carries the faintest odor,

Of frankincense and rotting flesh,

Such a sweet and intoxicating mix.

Dark clouds above us,

Begin to sprinkle us with rain,

Let’s dance naked in the rising mist,

As the creatures of the night take flight.

Your eyes meet mine,

And I can see such a seductive evil,

And a mysterious grin,

That alludes to an exciting horror.

A chaotic place full of broken toys,

Lollipop daggers and belladonna potions,

And carnival rides,

That only go in reverse.

You lead me towards the deranged souls,

Playing the wicked games,

In which madness is the grand prize,

And everyone wins.

© 2020 by The Twisted Libra

Best Devil S Carnival GIFs | Gfycat

Yes, this is a copyrighted piece. Please don’t steal. (Do feel free to share with proper credit, of course.) Find all my dark goodies buried here:

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