Ups, downs, and in-betweens…

Last week, I decided to postpone my podcast and just release a new episode every two weeks. I still feel that was the right move. Since the last episode, I have felt more productive and I was able to focus on my writing and catch up on my reading list. So far, Operation Don’t-Overwhelm-Yourself-You-Jackass has been a success!

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Speaking of writing…you know how I posted a few weeks ago that I had finished the manuscript? Well, my fellow writers know that no manuscript is ever truly finished; we are constantly tweaking and improving our work. Even after we publish it. I drive myself crazy with that sometimes. I have nearly completed the 3rd revision on the new book, and will be sending it out to my illustrator very soon. Anyone want to place bets on how many drafts it will take to get finalized?

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(I can actually hear that picture…)

As for my reading, I am in book 2 of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. I have found almost the entire collection used (I have a thing for used books lately), but now that she has passed I bet they disappear or become highly overpriced! Oh well. I will read them all eventually. I regret not getting into these books back in my teenage Libra years. I admit, I allowed my dislike of Tom Cruise to convince me the source material to the popular flick was not worth my time. I was so very wrong. (Yes, Shellie. You were right. Happy?) Now, I can even admit that old Tom did a rather decent portrayal of Lestat. Yes, that one hurt to type. But it’s true. I can’t wait to read them all.

Lestat is laughing at you | Interview with the vampire, The vampire  chronicles, Vampire movies

That is all the rambling I have for you today. Be sure to catch the next episode of the Dancing Among the Remains podcast this coming Friday! You can listen on Anchor FM, Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher. Spotify listeners get bonus content, such as QA and polls! No, I won’t tell you what the episode will be about. I have to have some secrets, don’t I? You can find links for the podcast, my social media, and all my wicked creations over in The Twisted Libra cemetery! Find it here:

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Until next time…

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