Oh, look…there’s my blog…

Bad libra. The blog has once again been neglected! I have a lot I want to say, but I am afraid I hit a snag with some writer’s block. The ideas are churning but the tunnel is closed off. It sucks. I did just finish a pretty good script for my podcast that I plan to record later tonight, so that helped to get the creative groove going again.

GHOSTEMANE - Euronymous on Make a GIF

One thing that has kept me from writing much lately is the book I am currently reading. I am still working my way through the Anne Rice vampire chronicles, and I am about 3/4 finished with The Vampire Lestat. It is such a great story, and I do struggle to put it down when I need to. I don’t just want to finish the entire series…I want to consume all of it. It is that good. Whenever I should be writing, I find myself reading instead. Not a terrible dilemma, but not quite so conducive to my productivity.

50 Days of Halloween: 5 public domain short stories sure to creep you out |  Mangled Matters

Other than that, I suppose I am just a lazy shit. I am trying to do better, I promise. I will write more, create more, and love this blog more. Honest. Right after I finish just one more chapter…

35 Great Animated Book Gifs

Until next time…

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