It’s alive! (almost)

After much hard work and dedication, my latest book is set to be published on March 25, 2022! Where will this fine piece of artistry be available, you ask? Well….it’s going to be via Amazon.

“But, Libra! Didn’t you delete your previous works from Amazon and vow to release this series elsewhere?” Well….yes, I did. However, my foray into alternative means of publication proved to be a disaster. I tried to go with Ingram Spark. I had heard great things, and I know a person who published their books there and seemed to have no issues. I spent (I kid you not) two and a half days, literally 10+ hours at a time, trying to figure out how to get my manuscript to load into their editing system properly! I tried every possible option, Googled everything I could, and I came to the conclusion that Ingram Spark can suck my asshole was not the place for me.

What I struggled to do with Ingram Spark over more than two days, I did in less than an hour and a half on Amazon. My print book manuscript uploaded on the first try with zero errors. While Ingram Spark wanted me to convert my manuscript to an epub3 file, which I did several times via several different softwares only to have it rejected each time due to undefined errors which made me believe Ingram Spark tries to force people towards the option to pay them to convert your file so they can charge $0.25 per page on top of the processing fee for ebooks, Amazon accepted my PDF upload and did the conversion for me at no added charge, plus it retained all my original formatting. Bravo, Amazon.

Long story short, your beloved Twisted Libra is back with Amazon. My new series is called “Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery,” and book one will be subtitled “Life After Death.” There will be three books in all, and both paperback and ebook versions will be available. Book one debuts on March 25, but you can already preorder an ebook copy if you’d like! (Although I feel the print copy does it more justice. Just saying.) The ebook link is here: if you’re interested!

Stay tuned for updates, paperback cover reveal, etc. I plan to plaster this book all over my social media! You might be sick of me before the end of the month. But you are going to LOVE this book. I promise! Until next time…

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