Why am I just now posting this?

So, my latest book debuted on March 25. I made a post announcing it, but I haven’t said shit about it on this blog since. Why am I like this? I have been doing my best to advertise, but I sort of glossed over the old blog. Sorry about that! Allow me to post a quick advert for the new book, links included. Enjoy!

Get your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/author/the_twisted_libra

I hope you all enjoy this book, and this series! If you do decide to read it, please consider leaving me an Amazon review! They help so much, especially for us self-published authors! We’re doing this on our own, y’all! It ain’t easy!

Be sure to catch my podcast every other Friday on Anchor FM, Spotify, Apple Music, Goodpods, and Stitcher! All my links are here: https://linktr.ee/TwistedLibraCemetery

Until next time…

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