Update on Book 2!!!!

I finished writing and designing the cover for Book 2 in my Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series yesterday! I am currently awaiting my author proof for final review, and if all goes well, the book could launch next weekend! I am so excited!

I launched Book 1 back in March of this year, so suffice it to say it took quite some time to finish Book 2. I didn’t intend for such an extended gap, but shit happens. I still plan to have Book 3 available by spooky season in October, though!

I’ll be honest, for a while I felt like I had hit some sort of creative wall. I couldn’t get myself to write or create in any way. I couldn’t even focus long enough to read anything interesting. I finally took a step back from all the unnecessary distractions in my life, and like magic, the creativity returned. Just yesterday I finished an audiobook, completed the writing and design on my own book, began a new audiobook, and read a few pages in a physical book as well. I am currently cleaning house on all my social media, getting back to using it solely for my writing and photography. Unfortunately, it had become a cesspool of mindless content as of late. No more of that for me. The spooky has re-entered my life, and I gladly welcome it.

Until next time…

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