Spreading the news….

So…Twisted Libra has a newsletter now. Or should I say, noose-letter?

Nope. Not doing that. It sounds dumb. NEWSletter. Anyway, I’ve decided to step away from social media. It’s pretty much a useless time suck, and quite frankly, it does nothing to support my writing. While I did delete the TikTok and the Snapchat, the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram still remain. However, the Instagram is just going to be a place for my spooky photography (as originally intended) and the others will simply offer reposts of my blog. The reposting is automatic, so I will not be reachable through those pages. In order to keep everyone updated on things, like my books being published or possible future appearances, I have crafted the good old fashioned newsletter. A lot is changing around the cemetery lately, so this is the best way to help everyone stay aware. Imagine, a world in which you aren’t forced to create a profile page in order to find out what’s new! How lovely!

Now, without further ado, I present to you the link (which I somehow managed to build myself) to get you signed up for the Twisted Libra Cemetery newsletter! I promise, no spam. Just occasional updates that aren’t part of a regular blog post. So sign up, and let’s escape the world of social media overload together!

Until next time…

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