The creative ebb and flow…

This is the type of day that, if it wasn’t hotter than 40 hells outside, I would venture out into the world in search of spooky places to photograph. However, your beloved Twisted Libra doesn’t fair well in boiling heat; since I apparently reside in Satan’s ass crack, I must feed the creative beast from indoors! Poetry it is, then!


I fall back into the dark recesses of my mind,

Where I glide down stone hallways bathed in moonlight,

Billowy long curtains cutting through the ebony at the behest of the gentle night breeze.

I am but a specter; floating through the hush of midnight,

Until the soft hum of the witching hour.

Like a mist, I disappear around the corner,

And dissolve into the shadows.

©2022 by The Twisted Libra

There, now I feel better! The creative juices are flowing yet again. Aside from writing today, I am also reviewing my author proof for book 2. While it looks great as is, I feel it could use some punching up. A little more “oomph” if you will. So that will be my task for the coming week. I expect to have this done by next weekend, and if all goes well, possibly launch during the first week of August! Stay tuned!

Remember, if you want to stay informed about my books, like cover reveals and such, you can sign up for my newsletter. I am moving away from social media, and not every happening results in a blog post. For the short, quick updates, the newsletter is the way to go. Here is the sign up link:

Well, that is all I have for now. I am going to get back to writing some poetry while the muse is still dancing through my mind. Stay cool out there, unless you live in a winter climate, then go fuck yourself enjoy the fact that you are not currently sweltering like the rest of us. Until next time…

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