Book 2 is live! (and Book 1 is on sale!)

Alright, my lovelies, the day has come! Book 2 of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series is live now on Amazon! Check out the cover:

The book is called Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Strange and Unusual. The paperback is available now, and the Kindle ebook will be available August 6. As with the first book, I highly recommend the paperback. The ebook just doesn’t have the same presentation, it loses some of the cool fonts, and the spacing tends to get wonky at times. All are elements beyond my control. I want you to enjoy these books the way I originally wrote them, so if you are able, please go with the paperback version.

Here is the description from the Amazon page:

“Welcome back to the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Take another trip through the tombstones with Madam Mortis! She has 13 new terrifying tales for you to enjoy! This time, delve into the oddities of humanity. Learn about the Strange and Unusual things that go on before your very eyes, yet are often unnoticed. Ghosts aren’t the only things to be afraid of. Join Madam Mortis at the cemetery gates. Terror awaits!”

Now, I have had a few people ask, do you have to read these books in order? Technically, no. However, there are references to the first book in this new one that you may not understand if you haven’t read book 1. So, do yourself a solid and grab both books. Read them in order. Tell your friends. Post about them on your socials. Leave a review. Actually, if you don’t do anything else, just leave a review. Those help more than you think. Also, and this is pretty important, you can currently get book 1 at a discount! Yup! In prep for book 2 going live, the price on book 1 has been dropped for a limited time! Money is tight these days, I know, so now you can get both books for a better price.

So, book 1 is now cheaper and book 2 is finally available! Thank you all for your continued support! I look forward to bringing you book 3! In the meantime, you can get your copies of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery here:

You can sign up for my newsletter here:

Now, venture forth into a copy of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Madam Mortis is waiting for you! Until next time…

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