Written any good books lately?

Hello, my lovelies! Today finds me terribly excited! As of yesterday, I finished the manuscript for Book 3! Let’s take a moment to celebrate!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the book is ready to publish; I still have to add the illustrations, proofread, revise, polish, etc. However, if I really stay focused I can most likely have this book published by early October! In my opinion, the manuscript is the most difficult part. Once you have that, everything else just sort of falls into place.

While I am completely in love with my Twisted Libra Cemetery series and the characters within, I admit I am looking forward to creating new literary ventures. My next endeavor will be a collection of dark poetry; I have years worth of wicked delights to share with the world.

But today…today I simply celebrate! I relax, consider all the work I have accomplished thus far, and indulge in a little leisure reading. I am done creating tales for the moment; now I can revel in the things which bring me dark joy. I encourage you all to do the same. Self care is of the utmost importance.

Until next time…

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