Oh, look. It’s finally October!

Hello, my lovelies. I usually try to post on October 1st to usher in this sacred time of year, but yours truly was busy literally the entire day yesterday. Wait, don’t leave. Let me explain. You see, I was finishing Book #3! And by finishing, I mean creating/arranging/placing new artwork, inserting existing artwork (thanks again, Shellie!), revising, proofreading, and submitting for an author proof. Yes, you read that right. The book is DONE.

And now, we wait. So here I am, posting a welcome to my favorite month on the second day of said month. Y’all know me; I’ll probably be late to my own funeral. So, what’s next? Well, if the author proof looks good, then I will publish. If anything needs tweaking, I will do that, reupload, wait for a new proof, etc. My goal is to publish no later than October 20, but I really want to do it sooner if I can. In the meantime, I am finding it difficult to relax. It still feels like I should be working on something. I mean, true, I have my next two projects planned already. I could technically start on those, but I feel my brain needs a bit of a break. Even if just for a few days. Writing is my passion, yes, but until I am just a writer, I must balance writing with the bill-paying day job and the life stuff that is always hanging around. That can make for one weary Libra at times.

Sorry, I seem to be prattling on about my life. Who wants to read that? Let’s talk about October! Such a fantastic time of year! We get Fall weather, changing leaves, spooky vibes, my birthday, Halloween…I mean, so many wonderful things arrive in October. It’s the month in which my little black soul comes alive again. I can also purchase home décor in an actual store versus online. The veil between the realms is at its thinnest, so that we might catch a glimpse of a haunting spirit or two.

Some folks get rather depressed during the cold, dark months from October to February. Ironically, the condition is called “SAD.” It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, this is a real thing. Google it if you doubt me. People can’t thrive with short days, long nights, and cold temperatures. It’s too gloomy for them. I suppose I am afflicted with Reverse SAD, because I absolutely suffer from May to September due to the ghastly summer weather. It used to be August, but now September often feels like misery on a platter. Thanks, global warming!

I hope you all have a wickedly delightful October! I am looking forward to the book release, my birthday, the awesome weather (perfect for cemetery photography!), and obviously Halloween! (No, I don’t do the trick-or-treat thing in my cemetery. Fuck them kids Let them go to someone else’s door. Stay off my lawn.) Stay tuned to this blog for updates on the book, as well as an upcoming cover reveal!

Until next time…

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