Coming soon…

I did it, y’all. The book is published. Well, it’s under review, but if Amazon gives it the greenlight it will finally be available for purchase!

I am beyond excited for you all to read this one! If you haven’t read the first two, I highly recommend doing so before diving into this one. That’s not a ploy for your money; I honestly make fuck all from these books. It’s just my passion, not a bill-payer. Anyway, the series progresses through each book, and without having read them in order, you won’t get some of the references made throughout the story arc. Just saying.

The publishing of this book is a huge achievement for me. I wrote a trilogy. I actually fleshed out three books to bring folks into my little cemetery. What began as a published collection of 17 short stories with intro poems (remember those?) has, in the last two years, morphed into a trilogy with a main character and some horrifying tales! To say I am proud would be quite the understatement. I don’t believe a word exists at present to express how I truly feel. I’m proud. I’m humbled. I’m grateful. And honestly a little bit exhausted mentally from churning out these books. LOL. But I love this, so I do it happily.

I’ll post a link as soon as the book goes live. In the coming days, expect promotional photos and such, especially on my social media accounts. The trilogy is done. The story is complete. If you haven’t started this journey yet, hop on over to Amazon and grab the first book. Madam Mortis is waiting for you by the cemetery gates!

Until next time…

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