There art thou happy…

If the title makes no sense to you, read more Shakespeare. While Romeo and Juliet is hardly my favorite of the Bard’s tales (it ain’t a love story, y’all; it’s two petulant asshole kids wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives), one part I do rather enjoy is when the Friar basically tells Romeo off. He lists all the things that Romeo should be grateful for, and calls him out for wallowing in self pity. What? We enjoy the classics here in my cemetery.

So, why am I quoting Shakespeare? Well, I suppose I was just feeling a tad sullen, and I hoped to pick myself back up by focusing on all the good things I have. I actually heard the Friar in my head yelling, “There art thou happy!” He’s right, you know. I have a book series out, I have my own cemetery, it’s finally spooky season again…so much for which to be grateful. You know how it goes, though. Sometimes, it just feels like nobody is paying attention. Like nothing I do resonates with anyone. When I am writing, I can at least pretend people read it. Once it’s published, I have nothing to distract me from realizing that maybe they don’t. Oh, well. I am doing what I love, so it really doesn’t matter if anyone knows about it. I love my creations. I love being a creepy little weirdo.

In other news, I decided to end the newsletter. I am grateful for all who signed up, but honestly I just don’t have the mental capacity to keep it going alongside this blog, my photography, my writing, etc. It was just one iron in the fire too many for me, so it is now defunct. The final email went out this morning, and in a few days the account will be closed. If you want updates, this blog is the best place to look.

Alright, enough rambling. I plan to do some more photography soon, so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page. If you want some spooky goodness to read this Halloween, grab the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series! You can find all three books here: as well as on my cemetery’s main site, Thanks for stopping by, and please come back anytime. You are always welcome here!

Until next time…

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