In my feelings…

I wrote this today. Figured I would post it here. I’m fine, don’t worry. This is just how I deal with my feelings. Enjoy.

Her soul is battered, like pieces of shipwreck against the shore.

She keeps her tear-stained face held high, but her head feels so heavy and her heart aches for more.

The weight of reality keeps increasing.

With each breath, in and out, her will is ceasing.

Life dances all around her; the sounds of merriment and joy abound.

Her mind exhibits quite the opposite, for in a sea of sorrow, she drowns.

Her solid outside appears complete, but inside, the glass has shattered.

Her existence has made no impact, and nothing she’s done has mattered.

She fights the urge to fade away; the call of the empty intrigues her.

She’s drawn to relief of letting go, for the world she’s in now doesn’t need her.

All that ever could have been, and all that never was,

Is all that she has left to claim against a judgement of “just because.”

Just because she wasn’t colorful; just because she was somewhat strange;

Just because she didn’t fit; just because she refused to change.

Her tears on the ground, but her eyes towards the sky, she survives another day.

Her burdens are many, her body is weary; she chases contentment, and begs it to stay.

©2022 by The Twisted Libra

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