I’m such a tease…

Hello, my lovelies! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Well, your beloved Twisted Libra has been hard at work on her next book. You know, the dark poetry collection. It’s going quite well. I’m taking my time with this one; pulling it together slowly and revealing a side to me you may not have realized existed. I think you all will be deliciously entertained!

So, how about a little taste? I won’t post the entire piece, but here is a snippet of something I wrote earlier today. Enjoy!

I drop my robe, anticipating a relaxing shower,

As steam and candlelight fill the room with an eerie ambiance.

Suddenly, it feels as though I am being watched,

And that I am not alone.

Invisible fingers run seductively down my spine,

Like the melting wax gliding slowly down the tapered candles.

I inhale sharply in response, arching my back.

Only my own face reflects in the mirror.

Turning around, I see no one.

There’s breath in my ear, now.

A faint sound, like a low growl…

©2023 by Twisted Libra

Stay tuned, my lovelies! Things are getting exciting around here!

Until next time…

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