I’m in love with bad things…

Short and sweet today, my lovelies. Here’s another new poem from my upcoming book! This is not the absolute final version, so don’t judge. It is just what I have thus far. Enjoy!

Give me the strange, the macabre, the forbidden.

Cemeteries teeming with restless souls,

And shadows filled with demonic whispers.

I want a sinister, old mansion;

Spirits of the past dancing endlessly,

Within its crumbling walls.

As night arrives and the darkness takes over,

You can hear the peals of laughter,

The clink of silver goblets,

The delicious song of a violin,

All echoing forth from a time long forgotten.

Spare me your bright lights and noisy crowds.

I prefer solitude and shades of black and grey;

Rainy, cloudy weather and disembodied voices,

Coffins and tombstones, black lace and dead roses.

If there must be light, let it be either candle or moon.

Yes, I long for a glimpse of a ghost,

A touch from an entity,

A dance with the devil,

A bite from a beast.

Give me a haunted life,

And find my dark heart full.

Ⓒ2023 by Twisted Libra

Until next time…

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