The deranged slasher of the Twisted Libra Cemetery…

There is a slasher loose in my cemetery! Follow the trail of carnage and you shall find this ghastly fiend! Who could it be? Who is causing such mayhem and upheaval in this place?

Me. It’s me.

Let me explain…I decided to slash the prices on my books. It may take up to 72 hours to process, but as of this post I have marked all three books down from $15 each to $9.99 each. Why, you ask? Well…to be perfectly candid with you, my lovelies…nobody is reading them. Absolutely no one. I haven’t sold a single book in months. MANY months. My work is good. I still believe that. I just don’t have the huge marketing push that other writers have. I don’t have an agent, or a promotion budget, or anything other than my blog and socials to get the word out there. So, I thought maybe, if I drop the price some, people might be more inclined to give my series a try. I never make any money off this stuff anyway. It is more of a labor of love, a passion. It is in no way a bill-payer. So, let’s see if this does any good.

Like I said earlier, it can take up to 72 hours for Amazon to process the change. Follow this link to find the series, and if it says $15, just wait a day or two. Then you can save some dough and get my books at a discount:

I am always honest with you, my lovelies, and I would never want you to pay more than you should for anything I create. As always, if you do purchase a copy (or 3), first and foremost THANK YOU! It means the world to me. Second, please consider leaving a review. It takes a minute or less and helps me so much. You don’t even have to write anything, just click on the stars. Preferably 5, but I will accept whatever you feel is right. Lastly, spread the word! Share the link to this blog, my author page, my socials, or my cemetery! Tell your friends! You don’t have to admit that you know me, just claim you stumbled across my creations in some odd Google search or something.

Anyway, hop on over to the cemetery and take advantage of my “mad slasher” moment! Bury yourself in the world of Madam Mortis! You won’t be disappointed!

Until next time…

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