I’m such a tease…

Hello, my lovelies! It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Well, your beloved Twisted Libra has been hard at work on her next book. You know, the dark poetry collection. It’s going quite well. I’m taking my time with this one; pulling it together slowly and revealing a side to me you may not have realized existed. I think you all will be deliciously entertained!

So, how about a little taste? I won’t post the entire piece, but here is a snippet of something I wrote earlier today. Enjoy!

I drop my robe, anticipating a relaxing shower,

As steam and candlelight fill the room with an eerie ambiance.

Suddenly, it feels as though I am being watched,

And that I am not alone.

Invisible fingers run seductively down my spine,

Like the melting wax gliding slowly down the tapered candles.

I inhale sharply in response, arching my back.

Only my own face reflects in the mirror.

Turning around, I see no one.

There’s breath in my ear, now.

A faint sound, like a low growl…

©2023 by Twisted Libra

Stay tuned, my lovelies! Things are getting exciting around here!

Until next time…

I wrote a little naughty naughty…

Greetings, my lovelies! Your wickedly delightful Twisted Libra has written something new! I am currently working on my next book, which is going to feature dark poetry. Sometimes, things get a little racy. This new poem will be included in the upcoming book, and I am posting it now for you all to enjoy as a sneak peek!

One more thing before I share: MOM, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS, DO NOT READ THIS!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! DON’T DO IT, WOMAN!!!!

(There are some things a Libra Mom shouldn’t be privy to.)

So, without further ado…

Surrendering to your bed of ebony and crimson,

The silk sheets caressing my naked skin.

I can feel your dark eyes feasting upon my body,

As your wicked mouth soon will.

The rough touch of your hands,

Sending trembles through my core.

A moan escapes my lips as you press down upon me,

And I lose myself in your bondage.

Falling prey to your devil’s game as you taste and tease,

Bringing me to the edge, then pulling me back.

Delighting in the torment, you smirk as I writhe.

I am yours to possess, the crux of your fantasies.

Use me; your broken doll, your plaything.

I feel your tongue snake across my flesh,

As I burn for you, begging you inside me.

With a thrust, you begin to oblige,

And I succumb to your carnal desires.

Ⓒ2023 by Twisted Libra

Oh, hello there 2023…

Happiest of new years, my lovelies. Your beloved Twisted Libra is, in fact, still around. I honestly just tend to check out mentally during December each year. I am not a fan of the “Christmas season” that occurs here. Despite the existence of a multitude of other holidays during December around this world, the US seems to mainly embrace just the one centered around a fat guy in a red suit and a virgin birthing a kid. Simple things like buying groceries or getting through traffic become horrendously complicated due to the massive crowds of holiday shoppers. Christmas has seemingly become a competitive exercise in consumerism. It desecrates my very soul, and so I shut down and avoid the living as much as possible. That includes blogging and posting on social sites.

Now that the weeks of crowds, tacky decorations, and obnoxious music have passed, I feel I can reemerge from seclusion. Some people get depressed in the winter, particularly January and February, but I thrive in gloomy and bleak conditions. The cold weather keeps loud, annoying people indoors and away from my ears. The overcast days make for wonderful cemetery pictures. And the best thing about this time of year? No bugs. They’ve gone back to hell where they belong. I enjoy winter. Sweaters and hot tea and dark afternoons and books by the fire. Yes, sign me up, please. I will fight anyone who whines about how they miss the summer weather. Seriously. I will chase you out of my cemetery, beating you with your own flipflop as a weapon. Try me. Keep your hot weather and insects. Summertime absolutely sucks.

Before I wrap this up, I have to post the obligatory book ad. Come on, a girl has to get her work out there somehow, right? If you don’t already own the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series, go grab your copies now. You are going to love it. If you have read any of my books, please consider leaving reviews on Amazon. Thanks in advance. And now, the dreaded book ad:

I worked hard on this one.

Click on the video. You know you want to.

You can order your books here: https://www.amazon.com/author/the_twisted_libra

So, yes I am still alive. Yes, I am still writing. New book expected sometime this year. That is the best I can do for now. But I am going to be blogging regularly once again. Let’s all have a happy and healthy 2023. Until next time…

In my feelings…

I wrote this today. Figured I would post it here. I’m fine, don’t worry. This is just how I deal with my feelings. Enjoy.

Her soul is battered, like pieces of shipwreck against the shore.

She keeps her tear-stained face held high, but her head feels so heavy and her heart aches for more.

The weight of reality keeps increasing.

With each breath, in and out, her will is ceasing.

Life dances all around her; the sounds of merriment and joy abound.

Her mind exhibits quite the opposite, for in a sea of sorrow, she drowns.

Her solid outside appears complete, but inside, the glass has shattered.

Her existence has made no impact, and nothing she’s done has mattered.

She fights the urge to fade away; the call of the empty intrigues her.

She’s drawn to relief of letting go, for the world she’s in now doesn’t need her.

All that ever could have been, and all that never was,

Is all that she has left to claim against a judgement of “just because.”

Just because she wasn’t colorful; just because she was somewhat strange;

Just because she didn’t fit; just because she refused to change.

Her tears on the ground, but her eyes towards the sky, she survives another day.

Her burdens are many, her body is weary; she chases contentment, and begs it to stay.

©2022 by The Twisted Libra

Better late than never, right?

Prepare yourselves, my lovelies! I finally did the photo shoot for the entire trilogy! I will give you a moment to overcome your sheer astonishment.

I know, I know. It took a bit. Well, as I said in a previous blog, after I changed the cover art for book 2, Amazon took its sweet time getting me the updated cover. I ordered author proofs, but they kept showing up with the old artwork. It was frustrating! But now, I have a copy with the correct design. So, the photo shoot commenced yesterday in a lovely cemetery! Check out these shots (there are so many more still to share!):

I also got a bit creative with some videos:

Not too shabby for a girl who has no clue what she’s doing, huh? I can’t wait to post more images. I got so many amazing shots yesterday! If you don’t already have your own copy of these spooktacular gems, you can get them here: https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B09VD96MBW. Go take a look!

Thank you all again for your continued support! It means the world to me! I’ll post again soon with more book stuff, but in the meantime, enjoy your Sunday! Until next time…

Courting the muse…

I started working on the next book recently. I hate to sound like a walking cliché, but I’m only truly happy when I am writing. After a much needed mental break following the launch of the last book (not a breakdown, mind you), I feel refreshed and ready to begin the next project! I am not quite ready to reveal the title (although I do have a title picked out), but I will confirm that this will be a collection of dark poetry. I am hoping to release it by the end of the year, but don’t quote me on that just yet.

Speaking of the previous books, I finally got my own copy of the new cover art for book 2. It only took me a few months and two author’s copies with the old cover on it. Thanks, Amazon. Anywho, now I can do an actual photoshoot of all the books! I plan to try and get out to a cemetery this weekend and stage some shots. I’ll post them on all my socials and also here on the blog. Be forewarned, once I have images for advertising the trilogy, I will be doing so with frequency. Please don’t block me. I have to get the word out somehow. If you do buy a copy of any of my books, please consider leaving a review. They help so much!

That is all I have for the moment. I am off to create some new dark delights for the upcoming book. Get caught up on the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery here: https://www.amazon.com/Twisted-Libra/e/B09VD96MBW. Don’t forget to review! And stay tuned to this blog for more updates from yours truly! Until next time…

A contest, you say?

Your beloved Twisted Libra is staging her first giveaway!

No, no! Not THAT type of giveaway! Dear hell! No, I meant my BOOKS. I’m giving away one set of my trilogy to one very lucky winner! I decided to do a contest across social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter users all have a chance to win! Just go to one of the Twisted Libra social sites, find the giveaway post, and follow the instructions! It’s simple, I promise. Don’t follow me on any socials yet? No problem! You can find all my social links at https://www.twistedlibracemetery.com! Of course, I will also post them all below, because I am such a wonderful, dark soul.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwistedLibraOfficial



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_twisted_libra_cemetery/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheTwistedLibra

So be sure and enter today! You can enter on all platforms for more chances! I look forward to pulling YOUR name out of my old top hat!

Until next time…

We dance with Death, but dare not ask Its name…

It is finally Fall here in the cemetery, and the abundance of reds, oranges, and yellows amongst the trees is absolutely enchanting! I adore the colors of Autumn, and each year they still amaze me. However, it occurred to me recently that the love that everyone seems to have for these vibrant hues is proof that we are all, on some level, in love with Death.

Allow me to explain: You see, the leaves only change color as they slowly die. When they have withered into the seasonal tones we all love so much, they eventually break loose from the tree and fall to the ground. Hence the alternative name for Autumn: Fall. As humanity is collectively oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the changing colors, what is actually being witnessed is the touching of the leaves by Death. People are mesmerized by the sight of something dying. I have always said there is beauty in Death, and now you know it’s true. The demise of the leaves brings about the wondrous shades of Fall, our eyes become transfixed by these shades, and we applaud the workings of Death divine.

You had no idea you were so macabre, did you? Well, my lovely, you are. We all are. Especially during the Autumn season. We revel in Death’s artwork as It paints the landscape with a fatal touch; cold, bony fingers creating brush strokes of red, orange, and yellow across the trees with a vision both alluring and morbid. The forests become a makeshift cemetery for the fallen leaves, their remains scattered by the cool breeze and the feet of passersby. When you walk along a leaf-strewn path, you are dancing among these remains, spreading the ashes of Spring and Summer.

So, take that thought with you. There is beauty in Death, and we are all a bit macabre in our own way. Embrace the artwork of Death. Breathe it in. Death paints with a gifted hand, and it deserves appreciation. Until next time…

And so it has become November…

What, you were expecting me to post some long, sad entry bemoaning the passing of October and the brief event that was Halloween? Nonsense. True, while I do enjoy October and the acceptance of all things spooky that society adopts during that month, as well as the ease with which I can purchase clothes and décor in actual stores rather than online, I live in a perpetual spooky season and everyday for me is Halloween. So I do not feel any type of sadness or despair when the calendar flips to November.

Things are actually quite happy here in the cemetery as of late. I am enjoying a brief hiatus from writing after completion of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery trilogy. You can find the entire series here: https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B09VD96MBW. If you do read one of my books, please consider leaving a review. It’s a wonderful way to show support for an indie author! Soon I will begin work on my next project. Yes, I already have another book planned and titled. All will be revealed soon, I promise!

Now, how about a little audience participation? Come on, it’s just one click. Help a girl out, would ya?

I do hope all you lovelies had a spooktacular October and a wonderfully wicked Halloween! Stay tuned for more updates on my next project soon. And don’t forget to drop by the cemetery over at http://www.twistedlibracemetery.com to find all my devilish creations! Follow your beloved Libra on Instagram, and share my post links on Facebook and Twitter! You can find all my links in my cemetery! I hope your November is full of dark pleasure and creepy delight! Until next time…

Life outside these cemetery walls…

Your beloved Twisted Libra decided to venture away from the cemetery yesterday. Where to, you ask? Well, as a late birthday gift to myself, I took in a performance of Dracula by the Carolina Ballet. I won’t go on and on about it (because I most certainly could), but let’s just say it was a truly phenomenal experience!

NOT actual footage of the ballet.

But Libra, if you’re not going to review the ballet, why mention it? (That is what I hear you all saying in my mind right now.) Well, aside from it being yet another extension of my love for all things Dracula, this was also my first performing arts experience since the dreaded Covid came to be. As I was walking into the theater, I realized I had not seen live performance art in more than two years! At one point, I thought I would never again sit in a theater and enjoy the talents of actors and dancers beguiling me with fantastic escapes into wondrous stories. (Yes, this living dead girl frequented the theater pre-pandemic.) This trip was a huge deal for me. It was a return to one of the things I enjoy most in this strange world.

Life has seemingly been full-throttle crazy since around March 2020. I know we have all felt the strain. Our lives collectively changed and we were forced to adapt to a new normal. So, the chance to take back something I loved and reintroduce it to my life was exhilarating, to say the least. For two hours yesterday, I lost myself in the land of Dracula and it was fantastic. How fitting that my return to performance arts featured my beloved Count?

As for the adaptation itself, it was quite well done. It did stray somewhat from the source material, as adaptations are wont to do, but it included the main points (particularly my favorite part with Lucy and Dracula in the cemetery) and was overall a terrific telling of this classic tale. I give it two delightfully wicked thumbs up.

I suppose there should be a point to all this, right? Otherwise, why write about it at all? I guess maybe my point is that, while life did halt on pretty much every front for some time, it has begun to amble along once more. We are slowly returning to a more tolerable pace, and it is time to remind ourselves of some of the things we thought were lost forever. True, in my cemetery there is always life after death, but don’t forget to indulge yourself while you’re still living. Embrace the little things that make your dark heart flutter with…

Be you. Be unashamedly, unabashedly you. Embrace what you love. Express yourself. Set your dark heart free and let the moonlight shine again in your soul. You can’t have living dead without the living part. So, get out there and live. And read Dracula if you haven’t already. You’ll thank me.

Until next time…

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