There art thou happy…

If the title makes no sense to you, read more Shakespeare. While Romeo and Juliet is hardly my favorite of the Bard’s tales (it ain’t a love story, y’all; it’s two petulant asshole kids wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives), one part I do rather enjoy is when the Friar basically tells Romeo off. He lists all the things that Romeo should be grateful for, and calls him out for wallowing in self pity. What? We enjoy the classics here in my cemetery.

So, why am I quoting Shakespeare? Well, I suppose I was just feeling a tad sullen, and I hoped to pick myself back up by focusing on all the good things I have. I actually heard the Friar in my head yelling, “There art thou happy!” He’s right, you know. I have a book series out, I have my own cemetery, it’s finally spooky season again…so much for which to be grateful. You know how it goes, though. Sometimes, it just feels like nobody is paying attention. Like nothing I do resonates with anyone. When I am writing, I can at least pretend people read it. Once it’s published, I have nothing to distract me from realizing that maybe they don’t. Oh, well. I am doing what I love, so it really doesn’t matter if anyone knows about it. I love my creations. I love being a creepy little weirdo.

In other news, I decided to end the newsletter. I am grateful for all who signed up, but honestly I just don’t have the mental capacity to keep it going alongside this blog, my photography, my writing, etc. It was just one iron in the fire too many for me, so it is now defunct. The final email went out this morning, and in a few days the account will be closed. If you want updates, this blog is the best place to look.

Alright, enough rambling. I plan to do some more photography soon, so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram page. If you want some spooky goodness to read this Halloween, grab the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series! You can find all three books here: as well as on my cemetery’s main site, Thanks for stopping by, and please come back anytime. You are always welcome here!

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It’s aliiiiiiiive!!!!

I channeled Dr. Frankenstein on that title just a little bit.

Well, my lovelies, Book 3 in the trilogy is finally live! Before I get into my thoughts for this post, let me list the links and promotional shit for the books. Indulge me and don’t click away just yet…

I made a little video thingy…

Find the books on sale here:

Book 1:

Book 2:

Book 3:

(For reasons unknown to me, the first book is currently showing a price just a tad over $15. I am working with Amazon to have this adjusted. All my paperbacks are priced at $15 each. Don’t ever pay more than that, or you are getting cheated. If you ever see a price increase, please let me know and I will get you a copy for the correct price. Fuck these corporations and their inflation.)

Spotify playlist for each book, so you can enjoy some ambiance while you read:

Life After Death:

Strange and Unusual:

Into the Shadows:

Alright, I think that’s all the promotional shit for now. Thank you for sticking around! Now, the one thing I do have to mention here is, I decided to unpublish the ebook versions of the books. I know, I know, the ebooks made the trilogy more accessible. Some folks refuse to purchase physical books these days. However, these books aren’t just books for me. They are my art; my passion; my expression of what lies in my little black heart. The ebook versions just never did my work justice. The fonts were often changed and the placement of certain images and text blocks didn’t line up how I wanted them. I refuse to present my work in any form that I consider “less than,” so after much thought, I unpublished the ebooks. I apologize if this makes it difficult for you to get a copy. I just can’t present my work like that. It cheapened it so dreadfully in my eyes. So, for now there are only paperback versions available. Please don’t hate me.

That’s pretty much all I have to say today. Again, let me thank you all for the continued support! Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery wouldn’t exist without all of my lovelies! I hope this trilogy brings you spooky joy! I like to say, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it! Madam Mortis is such a fun character, I am sure you will just absolutely love her! I know I do!

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Coming soon…

I did it, y’all. The book is published. Well, it’s under review, but if Amazon gives it the greenlight it will finally be available for purchase!

I am beyond excited for you all to read this one! If you haven’t read the first two, I highly recommend doing so before diving into this one. That’s not a ploy for your money; I honestly make fuck all from these books. It’s just my passion, not a bill-payer. Anyway, the series progresses through each book, and without having read them in order, you won’t get some of the references made throughout the story arc. Just saying.

The publishing of this book is a huge achievement for me. I wrote a trilogy. I actually fleshed out three books to bring folks into my little cemetery. What began as a published collection of 17 short stories with intro poems (remember those?) has, in the last two years, morphed into a trilogy with a main character and some horrifying tales! To say I am proud would be quite the understatement. I don’t believe a word exists at present to express how I truly feel. I’m proud. I’m humbled. I’m grateful. And honestly a little bit exhausted mentally from churning out these books. LOL. But I love this, so I do it happily.

I’ll post a link as soon as the book goes live. In the coming days, expect promotional photos and such, especially on my social media accounts. The trilogy is done. The story is complete. If you haven’t started this journey yet, hop on over to Amazon and grab the first book. Madam Mortis is waiting for you by the cemetery gates!

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An escape, a reveal, and perhaps a celebration?

Today marks the [REDACTED] anniversary of my escape from the womb! In other words, Happy Birthday to me!

Your beloved Twisted Libra has decided that the best way to have a great birthday is to give rather than receive. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I won’t say no to a gift. I just wanted to give you all something, too. So, in honor of my birthday, here is the cover and title reveal for Book 3! Looky:

Well? What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments! I am super proud of this one! I mean, I’m proud of all my books, but this one…this one is special. My proof should arrive today, and if all looks peachy, then I will be publishing this weekend! I can’t wait for you to read the final chapter of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery saga! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, first of all: Hi. I’m Twisted Libra. So very nice to meet you. This is my cemetery. (I assume you must be new here if you’ve not heard of any of my books.) For all of you who do know, here is where you can get Book 1 and Book 2:

Although I would love to have everyone purchase books for my birthday, you can help celebrate by simply sharing this blog post, or liking it, or commenting. You can share links on Facebook or Instagram (I’m over there, too) and tell all your friends about me! Supporting a self-published writer is actually super easy and (aside from a book purchase) costs nothing. So, spread the birthday love by spreading the word!

Happy birthday to me. Happy travels to you. May you find the spooky in all that you do. May you forever enjoy the fun kind of scary. You’re always welcome in my cemetery!

Until next time…

Oh, look. It’s finally October!

Hello, my lovelies. I usually try to post on October 1st to usher in this sacred time of year, but yours truly was busy literally the entire day yesterday. Wait, don’t leave. Let me explain. You see, I was finishing Book #3! And by finishing, I mean creating/arranging/placing new artwork, inserting existing artwork (thanks again, Shellie!), revising, proofreading, and submitting for an author proof. Yes, you read that right. The book is DONE.

And now, we wait. So here I am, posting a welcome to my favorite month on the second day of said month. Y’all know me; I’ll probably be late to my own funeral. So, what’s next? Well, if the author proof looks good, then I will publish. If anything needs tweaking, I will do that, reupload, wait for a new proof, etc. My goal is to publish no later than October 20, but I really want to do it sooner if I can. In the meantime, I am finding it difficult to relax. It still feels like I should be working on something. I mean, true, I have my next two projects planned already. I could technically start on those, but I feel my brain needs a bit of a break. Even if just for a few days. Writing is my passion, yes, but until I am just a writer, I must balance writing with the bill-paying day job and the life stuff that is always hanging around. That can make for one weary Libra at times.

Sorry, I seem to be prattling on about my life. Who wants to read that? Let’s talk about October! Such a fantastic time of year! We get Fall weather, changing leaves, spooky vibes, my birthday, Halloween…I mean, so many wonderful things arrive in October. It’s the month in which my little black soul comes alive again. I can also purchase home décor in an actual store versus online. The veil between the realms is at its thinnest, so that we might catch a glimpse of a haunting spirit or two.

Some folks get rather depressed during the cold, dark months from October to February. Ironically, the condition is called “SAD.” It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, this is a real thing. Google it if you doubt me. People can’t thrive with short days, long nights, and cold temperatures. It’s too gloomy for them. I suppose I am afflicted with Reverse SAD, because I absolutely suffer from May to September due to the ghastly summer weather. It used to be August, but now September often feels like misery on a platter. Thanks, global warming!

I hope you all have a wickedly delightful October! I am looking forward to the book release, my birthday, the awesome weather (perfect for cemetery photography!), and obviously Halloween! (No, I don’t do the trick-or-treat thing in my cemetery. Fuck them kids Let them go to someone else’s door. Stay off my lawn.) Stay tuned to this blog for updates on the book, as well as an upcoming cover reveal!

Until next time…

A fond farewell…

Fall has FINALLY arrived in my cemetery! Summer season can go back to the depths of hell from which it came, and take all the insects with it! This is the part of the year that makes your beloved Libra come alive!

Spooky season is upon us. The weather is chilly and crisp. The air carries the aroma of burning wood and decaying leaves. Night arrives sooner, and morning is on delay. I absolutely love this time of year! Not simply because I was born in the Fall, but because none of the other seasons really make sense to me. Winter is too cold and the inclement weather causes a multitude of problems for humans. They fall on ice, crash their vehicles, etc. Spring may provide the beauty of nature born anew, but it also provides pollen and misery. Summer is, in my opinion, the most torturous, dreadful, soul-crushing time of the year. Unbearable heat, humidity, bugs, sunburns, crowds (yikes!), and general inability to do anything that requires being outside.

But now, now I can breathe. I can enjoy nature. I can go out and take some kick ass cemetery photos. I can walk through the woods without snakes and ticks tagging along. Yes, this is my favorite time of year. Happy Fall, y’all!

Until next time…

Written any good books lately?

Hello, my lovelies! Today finds me terribly excited! As of yesterday, I finished the manuscript for Book 3! Let’s take a moment to celebrate!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the book is ready to publish; I still have to add the illustrations, proofread, revise, polish, etc. However, if I really stay focused I can most likely have this book published by early October! In my opinion, the manuscript is the most difficult part. Once you have that, everything else just sort of falls into place.

While I am completely in love with my Twisted Libra Cemetery series and the characters within, I admit I am looking forward to creating new literary ventures. My next endeavor will be a collection of dark poetry; I have years worth of wicked delights to share with the world.

But today…today I simply celebrate! I relax, consider all the work I have accomplished thus far, and indulge in a little leisure reading. I am done creating tales for the moment; now I can revel in the things which bring me dark joy. I encourage you all to do the same. Self care is of the utmost importance.

Until next time…

Wake me up when September ends…

No, this isn’t an homage to Green Day, although I do enjoy some of their music. No, this is just your beloved Twisted Libra lamenting the fact that I am still working on book three rather than having it finished and ready to publish. The stories are pretty much complete; the dialog is coming along towards a cohesive ending. It’s the task of placing the artwork and illustrations that is causing me to lapse into overwhelmed melancholy. I have a plethora of great pictures from which to choose, so narrowing down my choices will take some time. Then I have to edit. Then I have to decide on the best placement. Art was never truly my forte; writing has always been the area in which I shine. So, here I sit, coffee in hand and anxiety in heart. Such is my life.

On a more profound note, I went to my local Spirit Halloween store the other day. As I stood before one of the giant animatronics, reveling in the dark aesthetic of it all, it dawned on me that I felt truly connected to the spooky. That may not seem like a big deal if you’re new around here, but those who have followed me for a while will understand. See, last year I survived what can only be described as the most absolutely soul-crushing trauma of my adult life. In the wake of that trauma, I lost my connection with the spooky. All of it. I now understand why, but this is going to be a rather lengthy blog post, so either go refresh your coffee and dig in, or just give up now and find something short and simple on TikTok to occupy your mind.

Where do I begin? In a nutshell, illness nearly took my life and the life of the person whom I hold most dear in this world. I won’t go into any great detail here, but suffice it to say that losing him would shatter me. It would. That’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact. Being that his aftermath was far more grievous than my own, I found myself not only trying to recover, but also becoming a caregiver. Don’t misunderstand, I’d gladly do it all again if required. That’s not the point. My reason for telling you this is so you can understand the mental anguish I had to endure during this time. I was literally dragging myself back from the brink of death, while carrying love and life and all that entails upon my back. I realize now that my soul didn’t reject the spooky, my brain simply went into survival mode.

In order to get through that waking nightmare, my brain began to compartmentalize every aspect of my life. Only those parts deemed essential for survival were given attention. I simply didn’t possess the mental bandwidth to continue embracing the spooky. Like I said, survival mode. Not only did I seemingly abandon all things spooky, but I lost my feeling of connection to the spooky entirely. I packed away all my creepy décor and artwork, I stopped wearing dark colors, I drifted away from my writing…the list goes on. Last year, I walked through the entire Spirit Halloween store and felt nothing. Not even the slightest twinge of excitement or connection. At that point, I feared I may have lost that connection forever. I began to question if it was ever even real.

Thankfully, my yearning for darkness began to return, but it wasn’t instantaneous. At first, I became inspired to rewrite my old books as the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series. Perhaps that is why these books mean so much to me. Even if nobody actually reads them, the mere creation of them helped save me. Gradually, I began to express myself in various ways with the spooky. The connection was growing stronger once again! However, it wasn’t until last week, as I stood before a ten-foot-tall, lumbering, shroud-clad zombie that it hit me: I fucking LOVE this stuff. All of it. The spooky, the macabre…and I always have. I found myself awash in the flood of memory; I was the little Libra that would look forward to summer vacation simply for the chance to go to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum to hang out in the cemetery exhibit; the one who looked forward to Halloween more than Christmas; the one who, at only three years of age, watched Disney’s Halloween Treat and fell in love with the ghosts dancing in the ballroom of the mansion (little did I know they were part of the Haunted Mansion ride, which is now on my bucket list).

The realization brought tears to my eyes. I don’t just have a connection to the spooky, I am the spooky. I always was, I just had no choice but to push it aside and focus on surviving. My mind was in lockdown, essentially. I had managed to crawl through the desolate realm of trauma, and somehow I found myself standing on the other side of things. I kid you not, I actually wept quietly in the middle of the goddamn store. No one saw me, thankfully, but I don’t think I really would have cared if they did. I can’t fully describe to you how amazing it felt to have all this rush back to me in that moment. The memories, the realizations…it was like taking a massive gulp of air after being forced to hold your breath past the point of comfort.

I never lost my connection to the spooky. It was just buried (see what I did there?) until I was capable of embracing it again. And now, embrace it I shall. Trauma is no joke; if you have survived a severe trauma, I tip my top hat to you. Give yourself credit where it is due; you are still here to fight another day. True, I survived trauma in my youth, but this was an entirely new type of trauma for which I was immensely unprepared. I am not even sure there is any way to actually be prepared for sudden illness and the threat of loss. I do know that my books, my blog, my cemetery…all of these things represent my life and have saved me from disappearing altogether. If no one reads any of it, writing it is still my most precious catharsis. I can honestly say, perhaps for the very first time in my life, that I truly love who I am. I embrace it. I am happy to be the Twisted Libra!

If you managed to read this far, thank you. I don’t really have any grandiose way to wrap this up. I just felt like sharing the revelations I experienced as of late. I hope something from my story resonates with you in some way, lest you regret reading all my ramblings. Just know I am grateful for each of you. When I say I don’t care if anyone reads my work, it doesn’t reflect how I feel about you. It just means that I write because I love it. This is my passion. I don’t do it for the accolades. However, I truly appreciate every person that takes time to read my blog, like my posts, buy my books, etc. It honestly does warm my little black heart.

Before I go, there is one more thing I feel I should mention. I would be remiss if I didn’t give recognition to my beloved Libra Dog. She kept me going through the worst of my ordeal; to say she saved my life would be an understatement. You may scoff, but it’s true. Even medical professionals have told me that I most likely wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t given me a reason to get up and be functional. She kept me from giving in to the illness completely; her unconditional love got me through the long nights and the lonely days. She stayed by my side constantly, nuzzled me when I would fall apart, and made sure I didn’t quit when life kept testing me. I can never repay her for any of it. Her love saved me. She’s my little soulmate, and she deserves everything good in this world.


Okay, now that we’re all sitting here with damp eyes, let me again say thank you. Your support is humbling, and I love you all. I also love my Libra Dog and the Libra Hubs (they are actually a Sagittarius and a Cancer, respectively, but I claim them as honorary Libras). My heart may be dark and twisted, but it is also full. This post finds me grateful, humble, and happy. Now, I must return to writing book three. I really feel like this is some of my best work yet, and I can’t wait to share it with the world. Until next time…

Change is a good thing, right?

So, you know how I tend to edit and re-edit my work a tad excessively sometimes? Yeah, well…I went and changed the cover for book two. I know, I know; it’s already been published and some of you already purchased copies. I’m sorry. I just was never comfortable with the cover design, and I decided to go in a totally different direction.

I am much happier with the new cover, and I think you will be, too. If you already have a copy, and you feel like you got shit on because the cover has changed, fear not. Just message me with proof that you bought the original book (like a photo or receipt), and your beloved Twisted Libra will get you a new copy. I promise!

That being said, I also want to announce that I have already decided on a title and designed the cover for book three! I seriously cannot wait to show you! I think you’re going to love it! I feel like this is some of my best work yet! It is so difficult for me to keep this stuff secret until the debut! With each story, I just want to run to this blog and publish it for you to enjoy! Patience, Libra. Patience. October is not that far away!

So, if you are planning to buy book two, wait until the new cover is live. (Shouldn’t take more than a day or so at most.) If you already have book two, drop me a message and I will make sure you get an updated copy! Be sure to follow this blog for updates, and you can also catch the blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. All my links, plus the link for contacting me, can be found over at

Until next time…

Don’t read this one, Mom…

Hellfire, frightful desire;

The night is my confidant,

And you are my delicious muse.

Your wicked stare burns through me like the lick of a whip,

As whispers of ecstacy from the grave carry my name.

I’ll taunt your fantasies and haunt your dreams,

Turning your nightmares into my dark pleasure playground.

Your hands upon my skin,

Your mouth ready to devour me whole;

Feast upon my soul like a ravenous demon,

And drag me under,

Deep into our own private abyss.

Ⓒ2022 by Twisted Libra

PS: Mom, I told you not to read this. Says it right there in the title.

Until next time…

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