Book release weekend!!!

Guess what, my lovelies! My new book is finally here! You can get your own copy of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Life After Death over on Amazon! You can choose from the paperback or ebook versions (although I highly recommend the paperback for the best presentation). Here is the description:

Welcome to The Twisted Libra Cemetery: where there is always LIFE AFTER DEATH! Are you ready? Take a trip among the tombstones with your wicked host, the one and only Madam Mortis! She has 13 twisted tales for you tonight, so enter the gates if you dare! But…will she let you leave before sunrise? Or will you become a permanent resident in her graveyard? Once those gates slam shut, there is no turning back! Only the bravest souls will make it to the end! You’ve never experienced a cemetery quite like this!

You can find the book here:

Want some behind the scenes info on the book, plus some exclusive content about the upcoming books in the series? Check out this bonus episode of my podcast, Dancing Among the Remains! You can listen on Anchor FM, Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher, and Goodpods! Do you prefer a different platform? Leave me a comment and let me know! I will do my best to make the show available there!

I’m so excited for you to read this new book! Madam Mortis is such a fun character! Be sure to leave me a review on Amazon if you like what you read! And if you catch the podcast, a review there would be greatly appreciated as well! Until next time….

Book News!!!

Just a quick update, the book is launching this Friday! Mark your calendars, you can get your own copy of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Life After Death on March 25! To celebrate, I am releasing a special bonus episode of my podcast, Dancing Among the Remains! I am also putting together a Spotify playlist for you all to enjoy! I will post all the links later this week! Also, expect a few crazy TikToks promoting the book! Are you following me there yet? Be sure to follow so you don’t miss out! Stay tuned, y’all! This is going to be a fun week!

This is really happening…

It’s finished. The new book is totally finished. All the edits are done. All the images are corrected. Everything is in place and ready to publish. To say I am excited about this is a massive understatement.

True, I have published books before; some of the stories from those old books appear in this new one (albeit reworked and sometimes rewritten). It’s just that this book kicks off a series that I have dreamt about for so long, I began to doubt it would ever come to be. I feel my writing finally has some direction. I have a new approach to how I will tell my stories. All of this is so incredibly exciting for me. I just hope all of you enjoy reading these new books as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

I plan to reveal more details on my podcast this week, so be sure to tune in! You can find it here: or you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, and Stitcher. Whatever works for you! The cover reveal is available on my social media. I made a little video of which I am truly proud. Go check it out! Here is my link tree so you can always find me:

Thank you to all those who have supported your beloved Twisted Libra on this journey! I hope you enjoy the book, the podcast, and the social content. (Rumor has it, I have been running amok over on TikTok. It is utterly ridiculous. Look at your own risk.) Check out my podcast this Friday for all the juicy details. I love y’all from the bottom of the heart in the jar on my desk. Until next time…

It’s alive! (almost)

After much hard work and dedication, my latest book is set to be published on March 25, 2022! Where will this fine piece of artistry be available, you ask? Well….it’s going to be via Amazon.

“But, Libra! Didn’t you delete your previous works from Amazon and vow to release this series elsewhere?” Well….yes, I did. However, my foray into alternative means of publication proved to be a disaster. I tried to go with Ingram Spark. I had heard great things, and I know a person who published their books there and seemed to have no issues. I spent (I kid you not) two and a half days, literally 10+ hours at a time, trying to figure out how to get my manuscript to load into their editing system properly! I tried every possible option, Googled everything I could, and I came to the conclusion that Ingram Spark can suck my asshole was not the place for me.

What I struggled to do with Ingram Spark over more than two days, I did in less than an hour and a half on Amazon. My print book manuscript uploaded on the first try with zero errors. While Ingram Spark wanted me to convert my manuscript to an epub3 file, which I did several times via several different softwares only to have it rejected each time due to undefined errors which made me believe Ingram Spark tries to force people towards the option to pay them to convert your file so they can charge $0.25 per page on top of the processing fee for ebooks, Amazon accepted my PDF upload and did the conversion for me at no added charge, plus it retained all my original formatting. Bravo, Amazon.

Long story short, your beloved Twisted Libra is back with Amazon. My new series is called “Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery,” and book one will be subtitled “Life After Death.” There will be three books in all, and both paperback and ebook versions will be available. Book one debuts on March 25, but you can already preorder an ebook copy if you’d like! (Although I feel the print copy does it more justice. Just saying.) The ebook link is here: if you’re interested!

Stay tuned for updates, paperback cover reveal, etc. I plan to plaster this book all over my social media! You might be sick of me before the end of the month. But you are going to LOVE this book. I promise! Until next time…

Book news and a field trip!

Hello, my lovelies! Your adorably dark Twisted Libra managed to escape her own cemetery recently to visit another! (One was on purpose and the other was just a happy surprise I happened upon!) Details on that in a minute, but first some


If you listen to my podcast (and if you don’t, please give it a try), you know I am finally releasing my new book series this year! There will be three books total, and the first book will be out this month! The series is called “Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery,” and book one will be subtitled “Life After Death.” In the next week or so I hope to have the cover art reveal! Stay tuned for that! If you have been with me since the beginning, you know I already released a few books on Amazon. Well, those have been removed from print and are no longer available. My new series will be distributed through Ingram Spark, and as soon as I have links for purchase I will get them posted on all my media platforms! I am so excited!

Now, on to my field trip! I visited the Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC. This is known as one of the 7 most haunted cemeteries in the state! I wasn’t able to stay past sunset, unfortunately, but I did get a ton of incredible pictures! Here is an edited photo I posted on my Instagram:

Be sure to go check out all my photos from the trip! There is also a photo set of a church cemetery I happened upon that was established in 1715! You can find my Instagram here: or you can go to to find all my social links plus the links to my podcast! And be sure to stay tuned to this blog and my social media for book updates! Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery will be available soon! Until next time…

Feeling a little naughty…

Hold me close like a secret; for I am your possession, to play with as you wish.

Your touch sears my naked flesh, like sacrament on the damned. I cannot resist you; nor do I want to.

Your full weight upon me, my mouth finds your body. You taste like sin.

Crush me. Consume me. Love me like ecstacy, and mourn me like death. Our souls forever bound by a midnight tryst.

©2022 by The Twisted Libra

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The Mordecai House

If you listened to my podcast today (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?), you know I recently toured the allegedly haunted Mordecai House. In the episode, I talk about a few pictures I took that are questionable. I wanted to post those here (they will also be on my Instagram) for y’all to see and comment on. Let me know what you think!

This is the picture I took right before my camera mysteriously malfunctioned.
This is the picture I took as soon as I got the camera working again.
This is the picture I took that I feel shows a faint grey whisp in front of the piano.
Area marked for clarity.
This is the photo taken just before the grey whisp photo. I did not move, the light hadn’t changed, and these pics were snapped in succession, one immediately following the other.
This picture was taken from just outside the bedroom door. Notice how only the middle of the image seems to be duplicated. I can’t explain it.
This is the same room from a different angle. This time everything looks normal.
Here is the window picture I talked about. The window on the bottom far left is the one in question.
Here is the zoomed in image of the window. I circled the area that looks questionable. It sort of resembles a lady reflecting in the opposite window, face in the bottom of the middle second pane, body in the middle lower pane.

As I said in the podcast, I am not offering these photos as any type of “proof.” I just found them odd and unexplainable, and I wanted to share. They are also on my Instagram page, so feel free to hop over there and comment! Or you can do that here as well! I want to know what you see!

My Instagram:

The Mordecai House episode:

You can also listen on Apple, Stitcher, or Spotify!

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Like a gothic Waldo…

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Twisted Libra? This is a valid question, I suppose, because nobody seems to be able to find me! I promise, it isn’t that difficult!

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Obviously, if you’re reading this you’ve located my blog. Thank you. Now, as for my other creations, perhaps I can give some direction as to their burial sites. Check this out:

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The main entrance to the cemetery is here:

My podcast, Dancing Among the Remains, is in several places: Anchor FM, Spotify, Apple, and Stitcher

I have a TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Follow me for fun and updates! They can all be found in the ‘Seance Parlour’ section of the Twisted Libra Cemetery:

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And that is how you find me. Give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Until next time…

The muse strikes…

Snowfall in the Cemetery

The flurry subsides; a delicate alabaster blanket spreads over the field of finality.

Moonbeams dance across the graves, the silence as pristine as their snow-white hue.

A gentle winter breeze dances among the tombstones like a spectral coryphee.

There is tranquility on this side of the veil; yet, in the quiet of night, the dead still make their presence known.

© 2022 by The Twisted Libra

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Oh, look…there’s my blog…

Bad libra. The blog has once again been neglected! I have a lot I want to say, but I am afraid I hit a snag with some writer’s block. The ideas are churning but the tunnel is closed off. It sucks. I did just finish a pretty good script for my podcast that I plan to record later tonight, so that helped to get the creative groove going again.

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One thing that has kept me from writing much lately is the book I am currently reading. I am still working my way through the Anne Rice vampire chronicles, and I am about 3/4 finished with The Vampire Lestat. It is such a great story, and I do struggle to put it down when I need to. I don’t just want to finish the entire series…I want to consume all of it. It is that good. Whenever I should be writing, I find myself reading instead. Not a terrible dilemma, but not quite so conducive to my productivity.

50 Days of Halloween: 5 public domain short stories sure to creep you out |  Mangled Matters

Other than that, I suppose I am just a lazy shit. I am trying to do better, I promise. I will write more, create more, and love this blog more. Honest. Right after I finish just one more chapter…

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Until next time…

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