Better late than never, right?

I was so excited to publish book two of my Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series, I completely forgot to promote the playlist! Each book will debut (theoretically) with a playlist to go along with it. The playlist for book one was well received. You can find it here:

In case you don’t have your copy of book one yet, you can get that here:

And book two can be found here:

Lastly, here is the playlist for book two! I hope you enjoy it! Find it here:

Enjoy the books, enjoy the music, and I will keep working on the October release of book three! Until next time…

A little somethin’ somethin’…

Walk with me, through streets caressed by silence and fog; the night washes over us like a fine mist; cloaked in darkness, we glide over the cobblestones like specters, haunting the town with our presence; basking in the glow of the moon, breathing in the scent of rain and exhaling secrets left unspoken; I turn towards the cemetery, and you follow; we are children of night, embracing the world of decay and obscurity; come, let us dance among the devils and the wandering souls; bonded for eternity by sinister passion.

 ©2022 by Twisted Libra

Until next time…

Sunday done day…

No, I didn’t mean “Sunday fun day.” I said what I said. For me, Sunday is my “done day.” What does that mean? Glad you asked. (Okay, you probably didn’t ask, but you must give at least half of a shit or you wouldn’t be reading this now.) For your beloved Twisted Libra, Sunday is the day of the week that I take solely for me. When it comes to other obligations, like chores or bills (even in the cemetery, life ain’t free) or any other responsibilities, I simply push those aside and do as I please. In other words, I am done with the chaos of the world. Sunday means coffee in bed while I read or write. No pants (unless I choose to venture out into public, lest I desire an awkward conversation with authorities). I snuggle with Libra Dog as much as possible (she’s actually a Sagittarius, but I digress). There’s no religious affiliation in my choice; Sunday just happens to be the day I can take things slow.

(Don’t let the gif fool you; I don’t do the Starbucks thing. That’s not coffee, it’s overpriced dessert in a cup. No thank you.) So, why am I babbling on about my relaxing free time? Well, I suppose I want to encourage you all to take time for yourselves. It can be difficult, I know. We get so caught up in the chaos, and unfortunately it becomes second nature to us. Come to my cemetery, or any cemetery, and look around. Do you think any soul buried there wishes they had just one more moment to deal with stress? Or, do they wish they had one more moment to relax and enjoy their own space?

Step away from the chaos. Put down the phone, tablet, or whatever device you’re glued to. Log out of social media. Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s edited public version of their own. Enjoy your coffee; read a book; take a walk; take a nap. Just take time to be comfortable in your own space. We are so bombarded daily by sensations: noises from people, traffic, devices, etc. Try silence. Why do you think I prefer the cemetery? I crave the disconnect I get when I venture into the boneyards. Not a disconnect from the dead, but from the living. I swear, the living can be so exhausting on my mental health. I’d rather share space with the dead any day of the week.

I’m not saying you have to run out and commune with ghosts. Just try to give yourself a chance to disconnect from the chaos. I care about all my lovelies, and I want you to all to be happy. I understand that many of you have lives that are quite full; children, businesses, the overwhelming act of keeping it all together while you feel completely annihilated inside. Trust me, I get it. Just know that, while it may take some effort, it is possible to carve out a little time for yourself. In fact, consider it a moral imperative. If all you do is find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and breathe slowly for five minutes, then that is progress. The world at large will push you to your grave, but won’t give two fucks about you once you’re shuffled loose the mortal coil. So slow down. Breathe. Restore your sanity and authenticity. Life isn’t going by fast, the world is; life is going at the pace which you allow.

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Until next time…

A happy black heart…

I wrote something this morning and wanted to share. I was thinking about a happy place. Not an actual place, mind you, but one I could create. I wanted to describe it. This is what I came up with:

The path ahead is dark with shadows,

And only the faintest traces of moonlight,

Trees twist above me in a sinister canopy,

I close my eyes as the breeze envelopes me,

Inhaling from it the soft scent of decay,

Spirits dance in the air, like embers above a fire,

The raspy voices of the damned echo in the night,

I can feel the hands of the dead upon me,

Grasping at me as though they intend,

To possess me and never let me go.

 ©2022 by Twisted Libra

Until next time…

Courting the muse…

Inspiration struck this morning, and your beloved Twisted Libra wrote another new story for the upcoming 3rd book of my series! I am so excited, I almost posted it here to share with you all. Alas, it must wait until the book debuts! However, my test audience absolutely loved it!

It feels good to be back in the spooky swing of things! As some of you may know, I briefly lost touch with my darkness for a few months last year. It was difficult, and now that I am once again fully embracing the spooky, I feel like I have come home. Life (and death) feels as it should. This next book will wrap up the series, but I have many more creepy stories planned for you! I mean, with an awesome character like Madam Mortis, how can I not?

On the topic of future creations, I am thinking of releasing a book of my dark poetry. Perhaps even some that have been featured in the current series. Not sure yet, but it is definitely on the table. Let me know what you think. Comment here or send me a message and share your thoughts. I want to know what my lovelies desire!

Hopefully, not my head on a platter! But seriously, thank you for all your support! It means so much to this living dead girl. Just a reminder:

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Check out my books. Write a review. Drop me some feedback. I love to hear from my lovelies! Now, I must get back to the muse, lest she escapes! Until next time…

And sometimes, I just write filth…

Okay, so not exactly filth…but I do occasionally produce a naughty poem or story. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy reading these, you devilish little minx.

Miss me when I’ve left this place,

Spread my ashes upon the ground.

Shed no tears, and feel no sorrow,

For I, my dear, can still be found.

I’m afraid I have succumbed to evil,

Cruelty, and bitter revelations.

I have given in to darkness,

And its powers of persuasion.

My thoughts are now quite devious,

My heart within is frozen,

And no one can release me,

From the path that I have chosen.

Demons dance inside my mind,

Behind these eyes so hollow,

The devils seem to call to me,

And I am apt to follow.

Miss me, but don’t wish me back.

Fan not the flames of that fire,

For I just might possess your soul,

To consummate my wicked desires.

©2020 by Twisted Libra

Yeah, this one is definitely going into Book 3! It will be out in October, but for now you can enjoy Books 1 and 2 from the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series! Get them here:

Until next time…

Please excuse me…

(Gratuitous book advertisement post. Sorry.)



Welcome to The Twisted Libra Cemetery: where there is always LIFE AFTER DEATH! Are you ready? Take a trip among the tombstones with your wicked host, the one and only Madam Mortis! She has 13 twisted tales for you tonight, so enter the gates if you dare! But…will she let you leave before sunrise? Or will you become a permanent resident in her graveyard? Once those gates slam shut, there is no turning back! Only the bravest souls will make it to the end! You’ve never experienced a cemetery quite like this!




Welcome back to the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Take another trip through the tombstones with Madam Mortis! She has 13 new terrifying tales for you to enjoy! This time, delve into the oddities of humanity. Learn about the Strange and Unusual things that go on before your very eyes, yet are often unnoticed. Ghosts aren’t the only things to be afraid of. Join Madam Mortis at the cemetery gates. Terror awaits!







Until next time…

Book 2 is live! (and Book 1 is on sale!)

Alright, my lovelies, the day has come! Book 2 of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series is live now on Amazon! Check out the cover:

The book is called Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Strange and Unusual. The paperback is available now, and the Kindle ebook will be available August 6. As with the first book, I highly recommend the paperback. The ebook just doesn’t have the same presentation, it loses some of the cool fonts, and the spacing tends to get wonky at times. All are elements beyond my control. I want you to enjoy these books the way I originally wrote them, so if you are able, please go with the paperback version.

Here is the description from the Amazon page:

“Welcome back to the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Take another trip through the tombstones with Madam Mortis! She has 13 new terrifying tales for you to enjoy! This time, delve into the oddities of humanity. Learn about the Strange and Unusual things that go on before your very eyes, yet are often unnoticed. Ghosts aren’t the only things to be afraid of. Join Madam Mortis at the cemetery gates. Terror awaits!”

Now, I have had a few people ask, do you have to read these books in order? Technically, no. However, there are references to the first book in this new one that you may not understand if you haven’t read book 1. So, do yourself a solid and grab both books. Read them in order. Tell your friends. Post about them on your socials. Leave a review. Actually, if you don’t do anything else, just leave a review. Those help more than you think. Also, and this is pretty important, you can currently get book 1 at a discount! Yup! In prep for book 2 going live, the price on book 1 has been dropped for a limited time! Money is tight these days, I know, so now you can get both books for a better price.

So, book 1 is now cheaper and book 2 is finally available! Thank you all for your continued support! I look forward to bringing you book 3! In the meantime, you can get your copies of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery here:

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Now, venture forth into a copy of Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery! Madam Mortis is waiting for you! Until next time…

Happiness found…

“The cemetery is an open space among the ruins, covered in winter with violets and daisies. It might make one in love with death, to think that one should be buried in so sweet a place.”
― Percy Bysshe Shelley

I ventured beyond my own cemetery walls today to visit one of the beautiful historic cemeteries on my list. I took some pretty incredible pictures, which made my little dark heart happy. The photo you see above is one of the many. You can see several of them over on the Twisted Libra Cemetery Instagram page. Find all my links here:

I find cemeteries to be so peaceful. I have never felt frightened in a cemetery. People scare the hell out of me. The dead? Not so much. Speaking of people…my next book, Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Strange and Unusual, will be out soon! Madam Mortis has 13 new terrifying tales about strange people and…others. Who is Madam Mortis, you ask? Well, that tells me you still haven’t read the first book in my series. You don’t *have* to read them in order, but I highly recommend it. Get started now! The first book can be found here (you may even see it discounted, in preparation for Book 2!):

Barring one more paranoid, did-I-miss-any-typos read through, book 2 is ready to go! I promise to make an announcement soon! Book 3 is still on track to be released during spooky season this year, so stay tuned for that as well! There is so much going on in the cemetery lately. I am almost beside myself. Almost. I’m not there. I looked. If you fear missing out on any upcoming news, simply sign up for my newsletter:

Now, I am off to read painstakingly through my new book so I can release it. I’ll see you in the cemetery! Until next time…

So many cemeteries, so little time…

Your beloved Twisted Libra is just dying to visit another cemetery. (See what I did there?) I have several on my list, so perhaps there is a photography excursion in my near future? The weather shows a chance of rain this weekend, and I feel I get the best pictures on cloudy, gloomy days.

Do you enjoy storms as much as I do? Nothing beats a gray, rainy day in my opinion. It seems to fuel my creativity. The sound of rain is so soothing. I believe the term is pluviophile. Yes, that is exactly how I would describe myself. Unfortunately, today there was no rain in my cemetery. No, it was hotter than forty Hells, so I stayed inside and worked on the next book. I could *potentially* be releasing it the first weekend of August! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have already seen the cover. (Yes, that’s right. I gave the newsletter subscribers a peek at the cover to thank them for signing up. It’s not too late; if you sign up now, I will send it to you as well.)

Your Libra feels highly inspired in the spookiest of ways. Things are good. Breaking away from social media and focusing on my writing has been incredible. I recommend it to anyone who feels the burn out. Walk away from the time wasting crap and put your precious energy into your own creations.

Before I go, how about a poem? This one may or may not be in Book 3. However, it is copyrighted, so please don’t steal. Share if you will, but do give me credit.

The cemetery, all alone,

A midnight stroll,

Is where he found me.

At first sight of him,

I trembled,

But then there was calm,

A peace I’d never known.

It felt as though,

We were one,

Although we’d just met.

He reached for me,

I did not turn away,

And as he tightened his embrace,

I leaned into him.

His voice was low,

And surprisingly soft,

As he said to me,

“I have found you at last.

You are now mine.”

I closed my eyes,

A sudden chill,

Raced through my body,

As though someone,

Had walked on my grave.

As I opened my eyes again,

The world seemed to fade,

As did he,

Into the night.

It was as if I’d dreamt him,

As though my heart,

And my longing,

Had caused him to be.

 Ⓒ 2021 by The Twisted Libra

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