Written any good books lately?

Hello, my lovelies! Today finds me terribly excited! As of yesterday, I finished the manuscript for Book 3! Let’s take a moment to celebrate! Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the book is ready to publish; I still have to add the illustrations, proofread, revise, polish, etc. However, if I really stay focused I can most likelyContinue reading “Written any good books lately?”

Wake me up when September ends…

No, this isn’t an homage to Green Day, although I do enjoy some of their music. No, this is just your beloved Twisted Libra lamenting the fact that I am still working on book three rather than having it finished and ready to publish. The stories are pretty much complete; the dialog is coming alongContinue reading “Wake me up when September ends…”

Change is a good thing, right?

So, you know how I tend to edit and re-edit my work a tad excessively sometimes? Yeah, well…I went and changed the cover for book two. I know, I know; it’s already been published and some of you already purchased copies. I’m sorry. I just was never comfortable with the cover design, and I decidedContinue reading “Change is a good thing, right?”

Don’t read this one, Mom…

Hellfire, frightful desire; The night is my confidant, And you are my delicious muse. Your wicked stare burns through me like the lick of a whip, As whispers of ecstacy from the grave carry my name. I’ll taunt your fantasies and haunt your dreams, Turning your nightmares into my dark pleasure playground. Your hands uponContinue reading “Don’t read this one, Mom…”

Better late than never, right?

I was so excited to publish book two of my Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series, I completely forgot to promote the playlist! Each book will debut (theoretically) with a playlist to go along with it. The playlist for book one was well received. You can find it here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1K06qx9SMZCSwpVE4DvqdJ?si=04d94c5df1c442e4 In case you don’tContinue reading “Better late than never, right?”

A happy black heart…

I wrote something this morning and wanted to share. I was thinking about a happy place. Not an actual place, mind you, but one I could create. I wanted to describe it. This is what I came up with: The path ahead is dark with shadows, And only the faintest traces of moonlight, Trees twistContinue reading “A happy black heart…”

Courting the muse…

Inspiration struck this morning, and your beloved Twisted Libra wrote another new story for the upcoming 3rd book of my series! I am so excited, I almost posted it here to share with you all. Alas, it must wait until the book debuts! However, my test audience absolutely loved it! It feels good to beContinue reading “Courting the muse…”

Please excuse me…

(Gratuitous book advertisement post. Sorry.) BOOK 1 TALES FROM THE TWISTED LIBRA CEMETERY: LIFE AFTER DEATH Welcome to The Twisted Libra Cemetery: where there is always LIFE AFTER DEATH! Are you ready? Take a trip among the tombstones with your wicked host, the one and only Madam Mortis! She has 13 twisted tales for youContinue reading “Please excuse me…”

Book 2 is live! (and Book 1 is on sale!)

Alright, my lovelies, the day has come! Book 2 of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series is live now on Amazon! Check out the cover: The book is called Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery: Strange and Unusual. The paperback is available now, and the Kindle ebook will be available August 6. AsContinue reading “Book 2 is live! (and Book 1 is on sale!)”

The creative ebb and flow…

This is the type of day that, if it wasn’t hotter than 40 hells outside, I would venture out into the world in search of spooky places to photograph. However, your beloved Twisted Libra doesn’t fair well in boiling heat; since I apparently reside in Satan’s ass crack, I must feed the creative beast fromContinue reading “The creative ebb and flow…”