There art thou happy…

If the title makes no sense to you, read more Shakespeare. While Romeo and Juliet is hardly my favorite of the Bard’s tales (it ain’t a love story, y’all; it’s two petulant asshole kids wreaking havoc in everyone’s lives), one part I do rather enjoy is when the Friar basically tells Romeo off. He listsContinue reading “There art thou happy…”

It’s aliiiiiiiive!!!!

I channeled Dr. Frankenstein on that title just a little bit. Well, my lovelies, Book 3 in the trilogy is finally live! Before I get into my thoughts for this post, let me list the links and promotional shit for the books. Indulge me and don’t click away just yet… Find the books on saleContinue reading “It’s aliiiiiiiive!!!!”

Oh, look. It’s finally October!

Hello, my lovelies. I usually try to post on October 1st to usher in this sacred time of year, but yours truly was busy literally the entire day yesterday. Wait, don’t leave. Let me explain. You see, I was finishing Book #3! And by finishing, I mean creating/arranging/placing new artwork, inserting existing artwork (thanks again,Continue reading “Oh, look. It’s finally October!”

A fond farewell…

Fall has FINALLY arrived in my cemetery! Summer season can go back to the depths of hell from which it came, and take all the insects with it! This is the part of the year that makes your beloved Libra come alive! Spooky season is upon us. The weather is chilly and crisp. The airContinue reading “A fond farewell…”

It’s almost Halloween!

It is almost spooky day, y’all! I have a treat for you! I recently posted Episode 2 of the Dancing Among the Remains podcast! Have you heard it yet? Well, if not, here is the link: From that page, you can listen, switch over to Spotify, or leave me a voice message! That’s right!Continue reading “It’s almost Halloween!”

One more iron in the fire, and I am officially a blacksmith…

What a lovely, rainy day it is here in the cemetery! I hope it is raining where you are, unless you had outdoor plans. In that case, I hope it is whatever you deem to be pleasant. Your Twisted Libra has been quite busy as of late. Blogger, book writer, photographer, and now podcaster. Wow.Continue reading “One more iron in the fire, and I am officially a blacksmith…”

Voices from the grave…

I did it. I actually did it. The official Twisted Libra Cemetery podcast is now live! I am so nervous about putting my voice out there like this, but it was super fun to create! I will (hopefully) get better at this by the next episode, but please go check out the podcast and letContinue reading “Voices from the grave…”

“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams…”

October has finally arrived! It is a truly happy occasion within these cemetery walls! The souls are restless, the tombs are atremble, and the creatures of the night are ready to come out and play. The countdown to Halloween has begun, my lovelies! One thing I love about October is the name of its fullContinue reading ““For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams…””