The unknown realm…

I’m currently reading a book about Victorian era ideas about death and ghosts. Back then, people seemed more attuned to the supernatural. Death appeared in various forms, omens were more prevalent, and spiritual contact was a common occurrence.

These days, such happenings are thought to be absurd or fictional. Most people like to think we’ve evolved intellectually and technologically beyond the beliefs of a bygone age. However, I often wonder if we’re just too busy to notice such things? Perhaps, rather than prove those beliefs to be antiquated and wrong, we’ve simply separated ourselves from that connection to the supernatural realm? Maybe all the technology and overexposure to the modern world has broken the link between the living and the departed?

I think the link can be reestablished. I think there is more to this world than technology can show. I think the dead are still communicating with us. It’s just up to us to take notice.

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