Black is the new orange…

I don’t like orange. I know, I know…as a lover of Halloween and as someone fortunate enough to be born in the glorious month of October, you’d think I would be okay with it. I just can’t be. It’s not the worst color ever (looking at you, pastels). Here’s the thing: I went out to browse the local Halloween stock at a few stores this morning. Each year, themes and color schemes change. This year, most product lines are leaning heavy on the orange. It’s made me abundantly aware how much I dislike the shade. It’s become synonymous with my beloved holiday, so I expect to see it this time of year. Just not on everything. I found several awesome pieces that I would have loved to have in my home, but they had orange where I felt it didn’t belong. I get it…pumpkins and such….yada yada yada…I just prefer darker, more sinister colors. My trip today was a revelation. I don’t care for orange things.

Nope. Not even sparkly orange. Sorry.

Does that make me less of a Halloween child? No. I believe that true Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday. I’m really not into the clichĂ© pumpkins and witches and black cats that seem to pop up this time of year. Give me bats and coffins and candles, please. Give me black and red and grey. Give me creepy organ music and cemeteries. These are things that truly make me happy. Don’t get me wrong; I love this holiday season. (It’s the only time of year I can shop for home decor in person rather than online.) I just won’t say I’m a fan of the “traditional” colors and characters.

That’s more like it.

So there. I’ve said it. I don’t like orange. I do, however, love Halloween. You can certainly have one without the other. At least, you can in my house.

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