The tell-tale heart is slowly beating once again…

If you read my previous blog post, you know I have been in a depressive slump for quite some time. I am glad to say that the muse has finally touched my soul once again, and I am writing. Here lies my latest endeavor:

I open my mouth to shout,
But nothing comes out,
And I remain unseen.
I cry, but my tears fade away,
Nobody is swayed,
By my misery.
I collapse on the ground all alone,
Nowhere to call home,
I am now just a ghost.
Forever in search of a place,
No smile on my face,
This pain hurts the most.
My lungs feel void of air,
Overcome with despair,
I tremble and shake.
Nothing is what it seems,
I’m stuck in a dream,
And I can’t seem to wake.
Help me, before I slip under,
My life torn asunder,
The end is beginning.
There is no more fight in my soul,
I’m losing control,
The demons are winning.

©2021 by Kelly Michelle

Before you ask, I am fine. True, I go to some very dark places when the depression takes hold. Writing about how I feel keeps me sane and alive. I may feel like dying, but I promise I am not going anywhere any time soon. So no worries. The poetry heals me, it never hurts me. Walking the dark path is actually therapeutic to me.

Spooky goth vampire GIF on GIFER - by Rainfont

On lighter note, I drove out to my favorite local cemetery and took some cool photos today. I have been needing to do that for so long. Granted, due to a current knee injury, I wasn’t able to get down and catch all the cool angles and such. Still, I think I did okay. Check them out over at the Twisted Libra instagram page. You can find links to all the burial sites for my wicked creations at

scary Halloween retro nostalgia vampire gothic black and white gif spooky  dracula 1940s graveyard classic film … [Video] | Vampire, Creatures of the  night, Halloween horror

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