Sunday done day…

No, I didn’t mean “Sunday fun day.” I said what I said. For me, Sunday is my “done day.” What does that mean? Glad you asked. (Okay, you probably didn’t ask, but you must give at least half of a shit or you wouldn’t be reading this now.) For your beloved Twisted Libra, Sunday is the day of the week that I take solely for me. When it comes to other obligations, like chores or bills (even in the cemetery, life ain’t free) or any other responsibilities, I simply push those aside and do as I please. In other words, I am done with the chaos of the world. Sunday means coffee in bed while I read or write. No pants (unless I choose to venture out into public, lest I desire an awkward conversation with authorities). I snuggle with Libra Dog as much as possible (she’s actually a Sagittarius, but I digress). There’s no religious affiliation in my choice; Sunday just happens to be the day I can take things slow.

(Don’t let the gif fool you; I don’t do the Starbucks thing. That’s not coffee, it’s overpriced dessert in a cup. No thank you.) So, why am I babbling on about my relaxing free time? Well, I suppose I want to encourage you all to take time for yourselves. It can be difficult, I know. We get so caught up in the chaos, and unfortunately it becomes second nature to us. Come to my cemetery, or any cemetery, and look around. Do you think any soul buried there wishes they had just one more moment to deal with stress? Or, do they wish they had one more moment to relax and enjoy their own space?

Step away from the chaos. Put down the phone, tablet, or whatever device you’re glued to. Log out of social media. Stop comparing your life to everyone else’s edited public version of their own. Enjoy your coffee; read a book; take a walk; take a nap. Just take time to be comfortable in your own space. We are so bombarded daily by sensations: noises from people, traffic, devices, etc. Try silence. Why do you think I prefer the cemetery? I crave the disconnect I get when I venture into the boneyards. Not a disconnect from the dead, but from the living. I swear, the living can be so exhausting on my mental health. I’d rather share space with the dead any day of the week.

I’m not saying you have to run out and commune with ghosts. Just try to give yourself a chance to disconnect from the chaos. I care about all my lovelies, and I want you to all to be happy. I understand that many of you have lives that are quite full; children, businesses, the overwhelming act of keeping it all together while you feel completely annihilated inside. Trust me, I get it. Just know that, while it may take some effort, it is possible to carve out a little time for yourself. In fact, consider it a moral imperative. If all you do is find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and breathe slowly for five minutes, then that is progress. The world at large will push you to your grave, but won’t give two fucks about you once you’re shuffled loose the mortal coil. So slow down. Breathe. Restore your sanity and authenticity. Life isn’t going by fast, the world is; life is going at the pace which you allow.

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Until next time…

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