Book news and a field trip!

Hello, my lovelies! Your adorably dark Twisted Libra managed to escape her own cemetery recently to visit another! (One was on purpose and the other was just a happy surprise I happened upon!) Details on that in a minute, but first some


If you listen to my podcast (and if you don’t, please give it a try), you know I am finally releasing my new book series this year! There will be three books total, and the first book will be out this month! The series is called “Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery,” and book one will be subtitled “Life After Death.” In the next week or so I hope to have the cover art reveal! Stay tuned for that! If you have been with me since the beginning, you know I already released a few books on Amazon. Well, those have been removed from print and are no longer available. My new series will be distributed through Ingram Spark, and as soon as I have links for purchase I will get them posted on all my media platforms! I am so excited!

Now, on to my field trip! I visited the Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC. This is known as one of the 7 most haunted cemeteries in the state! I wasn’t able to stay past sunset, unfortunately, but I did get a ton of incredible pictures! Here is an edited photo I posted on my Instagram:

Be sure to go check out all my photos from the trip! There is also a photo set of a church cemetery I happened upon that was established in 1715! You can find my Instagram here: or you can go to to find all my social links plus the links to my podcast! And be sure to stay tuned to this blog and my social media for book updates! Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery will be available soon! Until next time…

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