So many cemeteries, so little time…

Your beloved Twisted Libra is just dying to visit another cemetery. (See what I did there?) I have several on my list, so perhaps there is a photography excursion in my near future? The weather shows a chance of rain this weekend, and I feel I get the best pictures on cloudy, gloomy days.

Do you enjoy storms as much as I do? Nothing beats a gray, rainy day in my opinion. It seems to fuel my creativity. The sound of rain is so soothing. I believe the term is pluviophile. Yes, that is exactly how I would describe myself. Unfortunately, today there was no rain in my cemetery. No, it was hotter than forty Hells, so I stayed inside and worked on the next book. I could *potentially* be releasing it the first weekend of August! If you subscribe to my newsletter, you have already seen the cover. (Yes, that’s right. I gave the newsletter subscribers a peek at the cover to thank them for signing up. It’s not too late; if you sign up now, I will send it to you as well.)

Your Libra feels highly inspired in the spookiest of ways. Things are good. Breaking away from social media and focusing on my writing has been incredible. I recommend it to anyone who feels the burn out. Walk away from the time wasting crap and put your precious energy into your own creations.

Before I go, how about a poem? This one may or may not be in Book 3. However, it is copyrighted, so please don’t steal. Share if you will, but do give me credit.

The cemetery, all alone,

A midnight stroll,

Is where he found me.

At first sight of him,

I trembled,

But then there was calm,

A peace I’d never known.

It felt as though,

We were one,

Although we’d just met.

He reached for me,

I did not turn away,

And as he tightened his embrace,

I leaned into him.

His voice was low,

And surprisingly soft,

As he said to me,

“I have found you at last.

You are now mine.”

I closed my eyes,

A sudden chill,

Raced through my body,

As though someone,

Had walked on my grave.

As I opened my eyes again,

The world seemed to fade,

As did he,

Into the night.

It was as if I’d dreamt him,

As though my heart,

And my longing,

Had caused him to be.

 Ⓒ 2021 by The Twisted Libra

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