And sometimes, I just write filth…

Okay, so not exactly filth…but I do occasionally produce a naughty poem or story. Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy reading these, you devilish little minx.

Miss me when I’ve left this place,

Spread my ashes upon the ground.

Shed no tears, and feel no sorrow,

For I, my dear, can still be found.

I’m afraid I have succumbed to evil,

Cruelty, and bitter revelations.

I have given in to darkness,

And its powers of persuasion.

My thoughts are now quite devious,

My heart within is frozen,

And no one can release me,

From the path that I have chosen.

Demons dance inside my mind,

Behind these eyes so hollow,

The devils seem to call to me,

And I am apt to follow.

Miss me, but don’t wish me back.

Fan not the flames of that fire,

For I just might possess your soul,

To consummate my wicked desires.

©2020 by Twisted Libra

Yeah, this one is definitely going into Book 3! It will be out in October, but for now you can enjoy Books 1 and 2 from the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery series! Get them here:

Until next time…

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