I wrote a little naughty naughty…

Greetings, my lovelies! Your wickedly delightful Twisted Libra has written something new! I am currently working on my next book, which is going to feature dark poetry. Sometimes, things get a little racy. This new poem will be included in the upcoming book, and I am posting it now for you all to enjoy as a sneak peek!

One more thing before I share: MOM, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS, DO NOT READ THIS!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!! DON’T DO IT, WOMAN!!!!

(There are some things a Libra Mom shouldn’t be privy to.)

So, without further ado…

Surrendering to your bed of ebony and crimson,

The silk sheets caressing my naked skin.

I can feel your dark eyes feasting upon my body,

As your wicked mouth soon will.

The rough touch of your hands,

Sending trembles through my core.

A moan escapes my lips as you press down upon me,

And I lose myself in your bondage.

Falling prey to your devil’s game as you taste and tease,

Bringing me to the edge, then pulling me back.

Delighting in the torment, you smirk as I writhe.

I am yours to possess, the crux of your fantasies.

Use me; your broken doll, your plaything.

I feel your tongue snake across my flesh,

As I burn for you, begging you inside me.

With a thrust, you begin to oblige,

And I succumb to your carnal desires.

Ⓒ2023 by Twisted Libra

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