An escape, a reveal, and perhaps a celebration?

Today marks the [REDACTED] anniversary of my escape from the womb! In other words, Happy Birthday to me!

Your beloved Twisted Libra has decided that the best way to have a great birthday is to give rather than receive. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I won’t say no to a gift. I just wanted to give you all something, too. So, in honor of my birthday, here is the cover and title reveal for Book 3! Looky:

Well? What do y’all think? Let me know in the comments! I am super proud of this one! I mean, I’m proud of all my books, but this one…this one is special. My proof should arrive today, and if all looks peachy, then I will be publishing this weekend! I can’t wait for you to read the final chapter of the Tales from the Twisted Libra Cemetery saga! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, first of all: Hi. I’m Twisted Libra. So very nice to meet you. This is my cemetery. (I assume you must be new here if you’ve not heard of any of my books.) For all of you who do know, here is where you can get Book 1 and Book 2:

Although I would love to have everyone purchase books for my birthday, you can help celebrate by simply sharing this blog post, or liking it, or commenting. You can share links on Facebook or Instagram (I’m over there, too) and tell all your friends about me! Supporting a self-published writer is actually super easy and (aside from a book purchase) costs nothing. So, spread the birthday love by spreading the word!

Happy birthday to me. Happy travels to you. May you find the spooky in all that you do. May you forever enjoy the fun kind of scary. You’re always welcome in my cemetery!

Until next time…

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